Top 3 Curly Girl Products I Can't Live Without Going Into 2021

Top 3 Curly Girl Products I Can't Live Without Going Into 2021

With 2020 coming to a close, and having had the past year to really get to know myself and the things that I need; in order to have the best relationship with my hair. I came up with the Top 3 Curly Girl Products I can't live without going into 2021. What are your must haves for 2021? Please share in th ecomments below. Being a natural with my hair for going on 4 years now has not been easy.  Don't get me wrong, I love my hair, but she and I have a true love hate relationship. I wanted to share with you all the top 3 things I know I couldn't get through the next year without. These items/ products have made the relationship between myself and my 3c/4c hair so much easier. 

#1 My Revlon Blow Dryer.

This dryer click the picture to go to where I purchased it and pick one up. ( this is an affiliate link) Not only does it cut drying time, I get such a better more polished finish look.  Now, I don't blow dry my hair all the time, at the most I may do it once a month to make sure that I get a good trim, can get a visual length check, and it helps to make braids stay longer for protective styles. 

#2 My satin pillowcase.

This is a game changer for a few reasons for me. Sometimes I get too hot in a bonnet and the band that goes around your head will dry me out and I will develop severe dry skin. A satin pillowcase allows me to still protect my hair but have the freedom to sleep without over heating. having multiples helps to make sure you always have a fresh case to have on your pillow to take the best care of your face and hair. I change mine weekly. 

#3 EZ Detangler Brush.

This brush has made detangling my hair so much easier. Disclaimer I bought one from the EZ Detangler website, this link is to a less expensive one on Amazon. Having 3/4c hair can be super coily and kinky. This brush has helped to keep my coils in check. A good detangler brush ia a must have and necessity. 

Being natural can be amazing and frustrating at the same time. It will take time to learn what will and will not work for you hair. When it comes to products it may take trial an error. What may work for one 3c or 2b may not work in th esame way for you. And, this is okay. Take your time and learn what your hair needs to be in the best shape it can be in without a whole lot of effort. 

Do you have any questions? If so, please drop them below in the comments. Stay turned for more insight, tips, and tools to take care of your skin, body, and hair.