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It all started with a bottle of lotion. Over a decade ago when my father was diagnosed with Cancer as he progressed through treatments he developed severe issues with his skin. He had excessive drying, and cracking and sores would develop the areas that he had scratched and broke the skin. We tried every prescribed, over the counter, and holistic option that was out there, and nothing was brining him any relief.

So, I took it on myself to develop a product that would help him. I felt like if brands like Johnson & Johnson could create lotions etc. why couldn't I?  I began to research what could and could not be used on human skin, what things worked together and what didn't. I realized that it was not an easy task that I put in front of myself. Nonetheless, I was determined.  

I came up with two formulas and had to have them tested. I found a lab and had them tested. I was excited when they came back and said that both lotions were stable and safe for use. Now, it was time to have my father try them out. When he tried the 1st lotion, it didn't work. I because discouraged and almost didn't have him try the second one. Bt, I did have him try it. Guess what? It worked. My father finally had relief and was able to sleep through the night without all of the scratching and discomfort. 

I thought I was done. I had accomplished the one thing I set out to do, and that was to give my father relief. 

My mother had other plans. As my focus left making any kind of skincare products, my mother asked me about making a wash that we could use that would help with the delicate skin that my families has and i hadn't thought about it before that point. So, I did. I created a skincare line for everyone, especially those that have sensitive skin. This lead to a full skincare line, makeup line , and haircare line. I remembered having events that i wanted to put makeup on for and then having to hide for a week after because I would breakout just from applying anything to my face. I wanted to create a makeup line that was made with quality ingredients, would be easy to use, would last, and would not irritate the skin. 

All of the products that we make at Eunique are because we want everyone to be able to take care of their skin, and we want products that you don't have to suffer through to use and get the results that you want. 

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I want you to love the skin you are in. 
Latisha Sample
Founder of Eunique SKin